Adopt an Olive Tree.

December 03, 2015

Adopt and Olive Tree Frantoio Muraglia - the Red Beetle

When Savino's son was born four years ago, a small part of the Frantoio Muraglia olive groves was reclaimed to plant young olive trees.

The idea was to give everyone the opportunity to own an olive tree and have it taken care of by the same skilled people at Frantoio Muraglia. Your very own piece of Apulia, if you wish.

Every year, Frantoio Muraglia will let you know when the harvest time comes. You can go to Apulia, spend a couple of days to learn, witness, experience the harvest first hand: smell the tannins in the air, feel the last rays of sunshine on your skin, visit the beautiful surroundings of Andria. Then at the end of your trip, leave with your very own extra virgin olive oil

If you cannot make it to Apulia, that's fine too. Contact the Frantoio and they will send it directly to you, wherever you are and whenever you need. Cool, right? 

For more information on the Frantoio Muraglia "Adotta un Ulivo" Initiative (adopt an olive tree), email