Buffalo, Mozart & Massages. Tenuta Vannulo.

December 07, 2015

Tenuta Vannulo. Buffalo Mozzarella. Campania.

During our recent trip with the Italian Trade Commission in the South of Italy, we had the greatest pleasure to visit a place that we will never, ever, forget.

The Tenuta Vannulo is a buffalo farm in the heart of Campania, near Salerno. The owner, Antonio Palmieri, has been in the milking business for few decades, when in 1988 he decided to revolutionise the industry by creating something no one has ever seen or done before.

His philosophy? Happy buffalos make better milk. As simple as that!

He created one of the best realities in the food business, and in our quest to Italian excellence, his company needs an honorable mention.

Here what happens at Tenuta Vannulo on any given day.

The alarm goes off at 9am, with some Mozart. The buffalos like Mozart. There are feeding, resting and milking areas. Everything is designed to give the buffalo autonomy to do what they desire.

 Buffalo. Feading Station. Tenuta Vannulo. Campania. Italy

The milking area is the most interesting part: the buffalos decide themselves when they want to be milked. Naturally, this will occur twice a day, but no one forces them. When they feel full, they will go into the machine voluntarily after few minutes in a waiting room.

Buffalo Milking Area. Tenuta Vannulo. Campania. Italy. 
Coming from Sweden, the machine is the real wonder: it reads the chip implanted in the buffalo, and adjusts the pumps to the buffalo teats to avoid any pain. The milking process takes around 5-6 minutes, and each buffalo produces 7 litres of milk a day.

There is also a relaxing area, where they can get a massage. Oh yes, a luxurious, deep tissue massage.

Massage. Buffalo. Tenuta Vannulo. Campania. Italy.

Natural insemination happens too. Being an organic farm where no vaccine or medicines are used, procreation is also done the old way. With 8 lucky bulls making 300 lady buffalos very happy.

We wish, besides having you all there with us, that you could taste their mozzarella, their yogurt and their chocolate cream, all made with buffalo milk.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find their products anywhere else than the Tenuta Vannulo in Capaccio. It was a conscious choice to be a Zero Km company, to keep a close eye on the quality and their products. What else can we say? Go. Now.