The way we wrap. With Love.

January 07, 2016

the Red Beetle Team Product Packaging Linen Tea Towels

We've received some curious inquiries about the way we ship your orders. Since everything in this company has a story, and we are all about sharing stories, we thought to include this one as part of the journey. 

First of all, why wrapping food in linen tea towels? It is how our grandparents used to conserve or carry food, so that would stay away from air, dust, humidity, bugs. Every morning, they would wrap some bread and take it to work, ready to be dipped in the morning coffee or to be seasoned with olive oil and whatever they had available for lunch.

If my granny, for example, were to send me some olive oil, jam, sausages, eggs, and everything she could find in the fridge at that particular point in time, well it would arrive wrapped in tea towels. There aren't many things I am most certain in life, but the tea towels when I open a box from granny are one of them.  

So in short, the reason why we do this, is to carry on a tradition that is almost lost, and in a way, to keep it alive. 

The bubble wrap or filling we use is most of the time recycled from the boxes we receive from Italy. As you can imagine, there is quite a lot to protect the items on their route to UK. Otherwise, we use EcoFlo chips, manufactured by maize-based starch and biodegradable. 

The other question we always get is: where do you make the tea towels? To give you all the details, the linen is organic and sourced from a UK company based in Kent. Who is behind the sewing? Well I am (I being the owner of the company). Every weekend I spend a few hours cutting, sewing and stitching. You can tell I've never done that before because the lines are all fuzzy, and maybe not up to the standards of a professional. Or granny for that matter. But there's love, in every single piece. I hope that's enough to overlook the wobbly stitches!

Anything else you would like to know? Ask away, we are here.