Cortemilia & the International Hazelnut Festival 2016

August 26, 2016

Hazelnuts - Sagra della Nocciola 2016 - Cortemilia

There is a small town in Northern Italy where every year in August its 3000 residents celebrate the most famous product of their land: the hazelnut.

Cortemilia, whose hills donate some of the most fragrant and tasty hazelnuts, is located in the middle of the Langhe, not far from where our Altalanga hazelnuts are grown. Since 1993 the region is certified PGI, and is famous across the world for its high production standards.

For more than fifty years Cortemilia has been honouring this precious nut with a fair taking place every summer. A unique festival celebrating the “Tonda Gentile delle Langhe" (Gentle Round Hazelnut of the Langhe), which includes a wide selection of cultural, traditional food and wine events, this year in its 62nd edition.

During the festival, many activities are there to entertain, old and young: a children books collection organised by the local library, a collective story telling where anyone can participate, local folk music and of course, many events dedicated to food. Deserving a mention, a contest for amateur bakers and pastry chefs showcasing hazelnuts in their best recipes.

Local produces, music, the aroma of toasted hazelnuts are only few of the elements expressing the dedication and love that local people have for their land and for this gentle delight so famous around the globe.

The Cortemilia "Sagra della Nocciola" ends on the 28th of August, and if you are around Piedmont you should definitely go. You'd love it! 
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