Octopus Salad Recipe w/ Tomatoes & Onions. Insalata di Polpo

May 01, 2019

Octopus Salad Recipe w/ Tomatoes & Onions. Insalata di Polpo

Octopus may seem a difficult thing to cook but with few tricks is actually quite easy to pull off. Here's our recipe, inspired by a version we had in Croatia a couple of years back. 

Ingredients for 4 

1 Octopus around 850g
1 Onion
4 Large Tomatoes (not too juicy)
Salt, Pepper
Zammara Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monte Etna DOP


1. Clean the octopus. In case your fishmonger didn't do this for you, make sure you remove the eyes cutting a circle around them, the beak and clean the inside of the head. Wash under cold water. Beat the tentacles of the octopus to make them tender. 

2. Bring abundant water to a boil. When boiling, immerse the tentacles only, in and out 3 times. This will make them wrinkly. Then immerse the octopus and boil over medium heat for 45 minutes. 

3. When ready, drain and let it rest for a little while. Meanwhile, make the salad: cut the tomatoes and onion in little cubes, season with salt, pepper and a delicious extra virgin olive oil. We recommend this Zammara medium fruity. Serve with bread sticks or bread.