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Tiramisu Recipe. No introduction needed.

June 22, 2016

Tiramisu Recipe - Traditional Italian Dessert - Ricetta Tiramisu - the Red Beetle

Five ingredients. All you need to make a delicious, mouthwatering Tiramisu, are: eggs, sugar, mascarpone, savoiardi, coffee. Easy!

Make sure the eggs are super fresh, savoiardi are good quality (otherwise they will get mushy with the coffee) and mascarpone.. well, if you could find it fresh, that would make it a delight for the senses, but since it is very hard to get, then again buy a good quality one. 

500g Mascarpone
5 Yolks + 2-3 Egg whites
200g Savoiardi (this really depends on the tin you are using, and how many layers you would like to have)
200g Icing Sugar
4 shots of Espresso Coffee 
Brandy (if you would like to give it a little punch!)
Cacao for the finishing touches

Whisk the egg yolks and the sugar to get a white and fluffy cream. Delicately combine the mascarpone to the mix. 
In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites till soft peaks. Add the egg whites to the cream, slowly, and a bit at the time. It is important to incorporate the whites in circular motion, from the bottom up. This way the whites will remain fluffy and give your mascarpone cream a soft consistency. No need to add all three egg whites, if you think the cream is too soft, add less.
Now the hardest part of this recipe: dip the savoiardi in the coffee, but just a little and for 1-2 seconds. Place on a plate with high edges, or a glass baking tray.
Add the mascarpone cream as thin or thick as you like, repeat if you want more than one layer. Finish by dusting some cacao powder on top. 

Make in the morning for evening parties, or even the day before. Hide it, as it won't last long if left unattended.

Tiramisu Recipe - Traditional Italian Dessert - Ricetta Tiramisu - the Red Beetle