Valentine's Day in Venice. 10 Places to say "I Love You"

February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day in Venice. 10 Places to say "I Love You"

Venice - Travel to Venice - 10 spots to say I love you

We'll take a trip to Venice any time of the year, with any weather. We managed to walk around with beautiful blue skye, high water, rain, heat. No matter the condition, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and there is probably no better place to celebrate Valentine's Day. This article is from our dear friend Cristiana, traveller at heart, writer and tea drinker. She loves Venice as much as we do, and these 10 spots are from her blog Viaggevolmente.

The Belvedere of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo

The Belvedere of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo Venice Spiral Staircase

Here's to put your love to the test: 118 steps up a staircase (bovolo is Venetian for the word "spiral") that will take you to the top roofs of Venice. If there's still air in your lungs you can scream you love, and be ready to get on with your life together.

Directions: Sestiere of San Marco, Campo Manin Area

The Terrace of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi

On top of the building that was the centre of business of the Germans in Venice, here is one of the most beautiful terraces of the Serenissima. Also called "the terrace of the 23 churches", because once up there you can actually count no less than 23 bell towers. The view that opens up goes from the Grand Canal to the islands, to the district of Castello. Venice, the moon and I love you. What else are you looking for? Access to the terrace is free and runs from Fondaco dei Tedeschi now a glamorous shopping center.

Directions: Sestiere of San Marco, the Rialto Bridge Area

The Terrace of San Marco's Basilica

Terrace San Marco Square Horses

Up on the terrace right under the horses to take in all the Piazza San Marco. The only square in Venice (the others are campi, campielli -fields- but no square), let the eyes go up to the Giudecca and under say "I love you"! Directions: you really need directions to San Marco's Square? No, you don't.

The Tower of San Giorgio

From San Marco's Square, take the vaporetto to the island of San Giorgio. Once there, enter San Giorgio (you cannot miss it, beautiful, white and the only church on the island) and go up to the bell tower. The view is spectacular and the perfect spot to declare your love. Warning: it gets very windy therefore your love declaration must be loud and include witnesses (aka, all the other tourists there with you).

The windows of the "Three OCI" on the Giudecca

What if it rains on Valentine's Day? An umbrella (colour red of course) can solve your problems, however if you really do not want to declare your love in the rain, then take ferry to the Giudecca, walk to "the three OCI", the palace that hosts exhibitions, buy a ticket and go up to the second floor. There are two windows offering the best view of the Ducal Palace, the dome of San Marco, the lagoon. Then you can check out the exhibition. With such beauty filling your eyes, a whispered "I love you" is all that you need.

Directions: vaporetto from San Marco's Square to Giudecca, stop at Palanca and then left for about 200 meters.

On your knee at Torcello

The island of Torcello is small, wild, a little bit less touristy of the most famous sisters, Burano and Murano, and is by far my favorite island. If you get there, walk towards the Basilica, to a small courtyard which is right in front of the museum. Right there is the "Throne of Attila", a stone the legend narrates the Hun, Attila the terrible, used to sit. Less legendarily, it appears that the local judge sat there whilst deciding the faith of the citizens before the law. In short, a love born under the protection of the King of the Huns is not for everybody, right?

Directions: vaporetto from Fondamenta Nuove to the islands (make sure it stops in Torcello).

A kiss and a flower

There is a little terrace over the green waters of the canal in Venice that is the delight of all those passing through the bridge of San Bernardo: the balcony of the Osteria "Al Fiore." There you can have the most romantic dinner with your loved one. Table for two, the water of the lagoon beneath you, the shabby chic walls in front of you. I see, you're already looking for the number. Beware: reserve well in advance, there is also a 15% supplement for the best table in the lagoon.

Directions: Sestiere San Polo 2202

Love for art and love for you

Cà D'Oro Building Venice

Cà D'oro is a celebration of love. A small court, filled with beautiful mosaics, can be the settings of your fairytale love. Declare your love in the marble courtyard on the ground floor, near the windows overlooking the Grand Canal or go up to the first floor to the balcony overlooking the canal and there, in front of so much beauty, let your heart speak.

Directions: Cà D'Oro, stop Cà D'Oro water or walk to Cannaregio 3933

A walk to the Lighthouse at sunset

There is no better time: the sand in your feet, the gentle sound of the waves and the two of you at sunset, walking towards the Lighthouse. Where is it? At the Venice Lido.

Directions: take the vaporetto from Santa Lucia or San Marco's, and get off at the Lido, then Viale SM Elisabetta where at the end you will access the Lido. Now turn left and be ready for a long walk. It is about 4 kilometers to the San Niccolò Faro, but totally worth it. For the lazy ones, you can take the bus till the stop Klinger, then access the Pachuka Beach Club, walk from there keeping the left along the shore, till you reach St. Nicholas lighthouse.

Venice, a gondola and you...

Trip on a Gondola. Venice 10 Spots to say I love you

Well, maybe it's a little obvious, but nothing says I love you more than a trip on a gondola. Add a proposal, and there you have it, the most unforgettable moment of your life. Let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of water, admire balconies, arches, mullioned windows, listen to the stories and legends told by the gondolier, ask for the less crowded channels. Indications: the rental for an hour is €80. Supplements for the evening. You can hop on a gondola along the Riva del Vin in Rialto, Campo Manin, Campo Santo Stefano and also in Campo San Barnaba among other points.