Lentils from Colfiorito. A regional Umbrian product 400g

Casale 1485

Category: Umbria

Type: Legumes

Grown in Colfiorito, a small town in the centre of Umbria, these Casale 1485 lentils are famous around the world. Small, colourful, mineral-rich, with their excellent taste, they adapt well to any recipe. The amount of lentils produced per year is limited, and that’s why lentils from Colfiorito are a niche product. 


Cook in approximately 20 minutes and do not need to soak. They are tender and tasty. Add carrots, celery, rosemary, and some bayleaves to the boiling water to add extra flavour.


Truth be told, only recently we managed to fully appreciate the uniqueness and taste of these products, and we absolutely love them. Plus, they are high in proteins, vitamins, fibres and mineral salts, great for those in need of diet rich in potassium and phosphorus, but low in fats. 


100% Lentils from Colfiorito, Umbria.


Casale1485 is located in Casale delle Macchie near Colfiorito, a small town in the centre of Italy, in the region Umbria, close to Tuscany and not more than two hours far from Rome and Florence. The number 1485 refers to the year in which the first written documents concerning the Casale delle Macchie date back.

Distinctive conditions such as a soil rich in minerals, a specific altitude that ranges from 780 m and 850 m and mild temperatures allow the area around Colfiorito to be an unequalled area for cereals and pulses.