Primitiva Soft Wholewheat Flour Ideal for Pizza Bread and Pastry 1KG

Molino Pasini

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Category: Flour, Lombardy, Wholewheat

Type: Flour

Primitiva by Molino Pasini is an innovative flour, suitable to make bread, pizza,  croissants and short pastry. Great for some wholemeal cookies too! 
Compared to other wholemeal flours, Primitiva flour is more elastic, it can be easily processed and offers a very good absorption. It is also richer in fibres and minerals.

PLEASE NOTE: For transparency, we want to share that this bag best before date is 22/06/2021. We do believe this product will still be exceptional even months after this date, however this is to make sure that the choice is yours :)
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This is a well rounded flour that can be used in many recipes, for example we made some delicious butter cookies with this, recipe can be found on our blog. 


It adds a lovely aroma to the recipes, and we find it much easier to digest. 


Soft wheat flour type “wholeflour” (allergens in bold).


Three generations of knowledge handed down throughout a century: the art of making flour is ingrained in Molino Pasini's DNA. This flour milling company produces some of the best quality flours appreciated by enthusiasts, professionals and food industry producers alike.