POP ART Tentacles Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Handmade Ceramic Bottle 500ml

Frantoio Muraglia

Inspired by Pop Art, Tentacles by Frantoio Muraglia carries 500ml of one of the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world. Handmade and painted by a small family business in the Apulia region of Italy, like its precious liquid gold content.


Rustic, robust, this Italian olive oil offers an intense taste but balanced. It complements perfectly well soups, raw vegetables and is used by Michelin Star Chefs in adventurous recipes. It will not disappoint you.


The colour green with traces of gold, the perfume speaks of fennel, pepper and dill, getting spicy finishes with a herbaceous notes. Perfect with a peasant soup and raw vegetables, this is an oil that you will want in every occasion, to the last drop.


100% cold pressed Coratina olives.


Affectionately known as capatosta, a nickname that in Italian means stubborn as a mule, the Muraglia family has been looking after the land and its olive trees for over five generations, down to the tiniest detail. We not only visited their land and mill during harvest, but also the nearby workshop where the beautiful ceramic orci (the bottles) are handmade and painted. Everything at Frantoio Muraglia is state of the art, and this is without a doubt a Gold Beetle Certified™ product.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah P.
Excellent service

Efficient order and delivery of this beautiful bottle. Securely packaged when arrived. I had purchased a similar bottle when on holiday in Puglia, Italy and so was excited to be able to buy another authentic one from back in the UK as a gift.

Jonathan R.
So just our style

Beautiful clean looking bottle for our kitchen counter, fun design with lots of colours on all sides. Decided we wanted something better than any old olive oil bottle to leave out and I saw the fish design bottle in a magazine. Chose this one as it looked Much more modern. The plastic cap and spout on this pours really well, you don’t need a separate spout. Really spicy peppery olive oil is great on salads.