Refill Intense & Medium Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tins 250ml

Frantoio Muraglia

The perfect bundle to have the best of two worlds. One 250ml Tin of 100% monocultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil: powerful, intense, almost spicy. And one 250ml Tin of 100% monocultivar Peranzana: medium fruity, more balanced and great for all sorts of recipes. 


The intense is great on bruschetta, soups, pizza. The medium is great with seafood, salads and crudités.  


They are both the perfect representation of a land famous around the world for its extra virgin olive oils. The best part? Having both in the kitchen it now means we can experiment and fully appreciate their flavours and what they bring to the recipes we make.


250ml of 100% cold pressed Coratina olives and 250ml of 100% cold pressed Peranazana olives.


The Muraglia family also known as capatosta, a nickname that means stubborn as a mule. The land and olive trees have been in the family for five generations, and cared for in the tiniest detail. We not only visited their land and factory, but also the nearby workshop where the Orcio's (the bottles) are handmade and handpainted. Everything is state of the art at Frantoio Muraglia, this is without a doubt a Gold Beetle Certifiedproduct.