Premium Quality Umbrian Saffron Threads 0.1g

Monte Mascarano

Category: Umbria

Type: Seasoning

From Asia to Middle East, Europe and South America, saffron has been used for over 3,000 years in medicine, beauty and of course food. The harvest of the delicate bright threads is still made by hand, and it takes over a month to collect the precious flowers from the bulbs. It is a lengthy, hard process, making saffron the most expensive out there.


Its most famous Italian recipe is the Risotto alla Milanese. To extract the colour, dissolve the bright red threads in a warm liquid, if you are adding it to food opt for cream or butter. For 4 people. 


Its unique flavour is something we grew up with (from Milano, Risotto is a once a week occurrence!) and this simply makes us think of home.


Saffron from Umbria 0.1g


In July 2018, walking around Todi, we entered a cute shop on one of the main streets. Michele was there telling us all about their products, origin, how they are made and why they are so special. We couldn't visit their land, or see production, but we're happy to consider this a Silver Beetle Certifiedproduct.

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