Chocolatier made Pralines Box of 36. Handmade in Milan.

Enrico Rizzi

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Category: Christmas, Lombardy,

Type: Chocolate

*** Please note: the best before date is 01/02/2020 ***

A box of 36 delicious pralines, made in the heart of Milan by chocolatier Enrico Rizzi. Sourcing only the best ingredients, Enrico plays with flavours and combinations creating a journey throughout Italy, South America, Africa and Asia.  

Great to give as a gift, or to open at the end of a dinner and play with your family and friends on who guesses most flavours. They will disappear in no time!

Please note: this is a temporary photo, a replacement with 36 pralines will come soon :) 


We found Enrico's shop in Milan one day, a couple of years back. We were captivated by his chocolate Easter eggs and wanted to bring them to you here in the UK. He refused, saying "they will not arrive in their optimal state and I don't want this to be the first thing your customers will remember about me".

Although we were gutted by his response, we appreciated his ethical approach and have kept in contact ever since. This year, we finally found a way to introduce you to his delicious artistry.

It is not just his passion to make a difference, but the fact that everything is made by hand, upon order, the ingredients are selected only if they are the best and he is also one of the nicest people on the planet. All in all, we are super happy to consider this a Gold Beetle Certified™ product.


Please see the enclosed brochure for individual ingredients. Pralines will be chosen at random among the following list: 

Nocciola Piedmont IGP hazelnut milk chocolate ganache, chopped toasted hazelnuts from the Langhe
Pistacchio Sicilian pistachio milk chocolate ganache, pistachio blade
Caffé Los Andes Perù Dark chocolate ganache with arabica Los Andes Perù coffee
Peperoncino Dark chocolate ganache with chili pepper
Cocco Coconut dark chocolate ganache, dried coconut
Yuzu White chocolate ganache with yuzu and passion fruit powder
Tiramisù Milk chocolate ganache with arabica Los Andes Perù coffee and Sicilian Marsala
Whisky Dark chocolate ganache with smoked Whisky
Alto El Sol Dark chocolate ganache, pure vintage 2018 Perù Alto El Sol 65% Limited Edition
Ecuador Pure Ecuador 100% cacao mass chocolate ganache
Sinfonia dei Golosi Blond chocolate ganache with caramel, cacao beans and Maldon sea salt
Sinfonia Aomori White chocolate ganache with Mat-Cha green tea and toasted black sesame
Sinfonia dei Balocchi Dark chocolate ganache with orange, cinnamon and walnut
Sinfonia Imperiale Milk chocolate ganache with almond, earl grey tea with bergamot
Sinfonia delle Calandre White chocolate ganache with saffron and liquorice
Sinfonia Kashmir Dark chocolate ganache with chai tea and ginger