Italian Balsamic Condiment Sachets Yellow Label (50x6ml)

Il Borgo del Balsamico

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Category: Emilia Romagna,

Type: Balsamic Vinegar

What happens when excellence meets technology? Something very special for sure. 

Il Borgo del Balsamico created a chic single dose of balsamic condiment, that you can:

1. Open with one hand
2. Carry in your bag (no, it won't leak everywhere) or leave on your desk at work
3. Enjoy with simple or complex recipes, it's your Little Black Dress of condiments.

The Yellow Label is ideal to use on salads, crudites, pumpkin ravioli or omelette.
It comes in a box of 50 stylish sachets of 6ml each. No added preservatives, caramel, or colouring. 100% yummy!

Produced from acidified grape-must, concentrated by evaporation. Made exclusively with grapes from Reggio Emilia, Italy.