Antonio Mattei Cantucci Quartet. Original | Chocolate | Pistachio & Almonds | Hazelnuts Cantucci

Antonio Mattei

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Category: Biscuits, Gifts, Tuscany

Type: Biscuits

1858. This is the year Antonio Mattei created his original recipe, his version of an already popular biscuit in the north of Italy. Known worldwide with the name of Cantucci, and the added unmistakable Antonio Mattei blue bag (now with their special Pantone colour!), this is a bundle you don't want to miss.


The best way to experience these biscuits is at the end of a meal, with a small glass of sweet wine. We recommend Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC by Antinori. Summer or Winter, they are always great. 


Crunchy, tasty, and the perfect little treat at the end of your dinner. Also great in the morning with a coffee, or as an afternoon merenda.


Please see individual boxes for allergens


Made in the heart of Prato, Tuscany, in the same shop opened by Antonio Mattei in 1858. The original version received a special mention at the 1867 Universal Exposition (World Expo) in Paris, becoming the best sellers in his shop. Also known as "biscotti di Prato" (Prato biscuits) and "cantucci", making Antonio Mattei "Fabbricante di cantucci" (Cantucci maker). We are proud to consider Antonio Mattei a Gold Beetle Certified producer.