Artist Pierpaolo Gaballo Limited Edition Mother Nature Medium Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Frantoio Muraglia

Leaving for the first time the iridescence of colors, Frantoio Muraglia explores the white lines and imprint in their ceramic jars a new unique and iconographic design, based on the geometric dichotomies of the Salento artist Pierpaolo Gaballo.

Mother Nature: the metaphor of the woman, the one who generates and gives life, the greatest and most mysterious gift since ancient times. 

Only coming with a medium fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from 100% monocultivar Peranzana olives from Apulia, Italy. The bottle is also handmade and painted in a family workshop, near Andria.  


Definitely a more versatile olive oil than its intense counterpart (100% Coratina olives), this monocultivar peranzana olive oil goes incredibly well with seafood recipes, pasta, vegetables and salads. 


Fruity, with herbaceous flavours and hints of almond, this Apulian extra virgin olive oil offers an extremely balanced body.


100% cold pressed Peranzana olives.


Affectionately known as capatosta, a nickname that in Italian means stubborn as a mule, the Muraglia family has been looking after the land and its olive trees for over five generations, down to the tiniest detail. We not only visited their land and mill during harvest, but also the nearby workshop where the beautiful ceramic orci (the bottles) are handmade and painted. Everything at Frantoio Muraglia is state of the art, and this is without a doubt a Gold Beetle Certified™ product.

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First class customer service and absolutely fantastic product

I am blown away by the first class customer service I received from Red Beetle. The item I was interested in was out of stock online, but within minutes of entering my email to be alerted when there was stock, I was contacted to be told there might just be one available in the stock room. Incredibly within 2 days, I was delivered the gorgeous Olive Oil bottle I had so admired (and that was a couple of days before Christmas!). The bottle is as amazing as the photo on the website and I love looking at it in my kitchen - it really is a piece of art. Thank you again Deb at Red Beetle for this fantastic item and your excellent customer service.