Nduja di Spilinga. Calabrian spicy spreadable sausage 180g

Che Sud

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Originally from a small village in the heart of Calabria called Spilinga, 'Nduja is a traditional sausage spread made of pork meat, extra virgin olive oil, salt and an enormous amount of local, spicy chilli peppers. This little jar of Che Sud 'Nduja will stand out from your pantry, enriching your recipes one at the time.


Bring the 'Nduja to room temperature before you use it to get the full flavour and to allow the fat to soften. Then spread onto a bruschetta, for a spicy egg breakfast or use it as a condiment to some delicious pasta.


Its rich red colour, courtesy of the chilli peppers, is just the beginning of a lifelong adoration. Besides the spiciness, we love how only a teaspoon of 'Nduja added to any preparation can create a spectacular dish full of flavours, intrigue and twist.


Pork meat, chilli peppers, extra virgin olive oil, salt.


Made in the heart of Calabria, by a young company called Che Sud. They specialise in regional delicacies, only using the best ingredients on the market. We have not visited them, but hope to do it soon.  

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Type: Sauce