Strong Manitoba Flour 1KG

Molino Pasini

Category: Flour, Lombardy,

Type: Flour

Created with the finest grains from North America and Europe, this Molino Pasini Flour is the product you are looking for to attempt those long levitation recipes such as Panettone, burger buns, puff pastries, brioches, etc. 

For the nerdy bakers out there... we know where you are coming from: we are like you! Check out the "ingredients" section where we listed some of the technical specs that make this flour so special!


Always sift the flour before use, it truly makes a difference.
Also important: try to incorporate as much water as you can into your dough. Professional pizza makers aim for at least 70g of water for 100g of flour, and you should never settle for anything less than 60/65g!


This is the flour we go to when we're attempting something crazy. Like colomba or panettone. Join us in the madness!


Wheat (allergens in bold).

  - Protein 12.5% 
  - W 340-390
  - Elasticity P/L 0.55 / 0.65
  - see pictures for more details


Three generations of knowledge handed down throughout a century: the art of making flour is ingrained in Molino Pasini's DNA. This flour milling company produces some of the best quality flours appreciated by enthusiasts, professionals and food industry producers alike.