Sfumature 70% Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate Intense 75g

Pastiglie Leone

Category: Gluten Free, Piedmont, Vegan

Type: Chocolate

Presented in a letter envelope, a delicious 70% dark chocolate bar made by the savvy chocolatier at Pastiglie Leone using only 3 ingredients: cocoa beans, raw cane sugar and cocoa butter. A blend of Venezuela, Sao Tomé and Sierra Leone cocoa beans, carefully selected and slowly roasted to create an intense and enveloping taste. Gluten and dairy free, vegan. 


A square to break your afternoon, or an after dinner with a glass of aged rum. Although, we can't think of any bad use of chocolate so simply enjoy!


There's so much to love about these new Pastiglie Leone bean to bar chocolate. The careful selection of the raw ingredients, the slow roasting of the beans in Torino, the chocolate worked at low temperature in the conches, the end result which is a delight to the palate, and the eyes. Plus, you can just pick the size of the square to perfectly suit the moment. 


70% cocoa min. Cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter. (allergens in bold)


Started in 1857, Pastiglie Leone is a historical company situated in the heart of Turin, Piedmont. Famous for candies and chocolate, we were lucky enough to spend the entire morning visiting their factory, talking to the employees there and learning as much as possible about their production. We're happy to consider this product Gold Beetle Certified