Italian Artisan Pasta Stringhettone 500g

Regina dei Sibillini

Category: Long Pasta, Marche,

Type: Pasta


Commonly known as maccheroni alla chitarra, in the Marche region it goes under the name of stringhette. Long, rough, square. In ancient times they were made by pressing the dough on a wooden tool, similar to a guitar: from this comes the name “maccheroni alla chitarra” (guitar spaghetti).

Regina dei Sibillini slightly changed the name to stringhette first, that in Italian remind of the leather shoe laces, the very same ones used to tie the boots of mountaineers of the old days. The perfect bridge between old and new. 

This version here is a larger one, to bring more goodness to your table.

Section: squared
Lenght: 260mm
Thickness: 2,4mm
Cooking time: 11-13 min

We visited Alice e Moreno twice in the past three years. During harvest, after, we spent so much time with them, it's like they're family. Also, the Sibillini National Park should be on everyone's map because is Mother Nature at her finest. We're incredibly proud to give their Mountain Pasta the Gold Certified Stamp of approval.

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