About Us. Meet the Red Beetle Team.

Meet Red of the Red Beetle Travelling Food. Vintage Volkswagen Car, travelling around Italy

The Red Beetle Travelling Food Company brings you amazing Italian food right to your door!  Sounds wonderful?  Then allow us to tell you a little about our history and who we are.

Red Beetle was brought to life by Deborah who is Italian by birth but lived in Australia for many years. With a background in marketing and e-commerce, when the family moved to London she decided to combine her passion for Italian food with the ease of e-commerce. Back in the winter of 2015, as she sat looking at the family’s cherished 45 year old red Volkswagen Beetle a thought occurred to her; “Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel around Italy, meet awesome food producers along the way and sell their delicious products online?” 

Food, travel and Italy are passions equally shared by the whole family so this idea very quickly took off, allowing us to bring these Italian delicacies to the UK market. The Red Beetle Travelling Food Company was born and our online presence would allow us to send Italian products all over the country, simply and quickly.

Then the fun really began!

We now regularly jump into our vintage Volkswagen Red Beetle, browse the area and locate authentic Italian products. We sample them, compare them and host tasting events. To ensure that we cater to every taste, we even carry out ‘blind’ tasting to obtain a totally unbiased response.  The food that we select is carefully screened to uphold high standards of production and strict hygiene control.  Some of the producers go back five generations; others are fairly new.  All are given the opportunity to become contributors to our range, very often based upon recommendations from friends, other producers or visits to fairs and markets.  

We love what we do and the fact that we are providing our customers with a unique and innovative service.  From travelling around in our car to meeting with suppliers and their families, everything that we do is created with relish.  Even when we are packaging customer orders, we enclose a personal message with every one, wrap our products, send a gift.

Meet the Red Beetle Team

We love what we do, and adore working with people we love.

Deborah locates the products, looks after the website and social media and even writes and takes photographs.  She adores the Red Beetle because it enables her to work within a field that she revels in and to make customers happy; the receipt of a heartfelt message praising the products and service makes her day and makes all the long hours spent working really worth it.  About Us - Meet the Red Beetle Team Many of the Red Beetle suppliers regard Deborah as family and that is a huge honour. A curator of food, Deborah’s favourite product is the Altalanga hazelnut spread; if left unattended, she could finish a jar in less than an hour!

The rationale behind the business comes from Fabrizio, Deborah’s husband. Able to solve any problem that the infrastructure of the business presents, he also spends time expertly re-touching photos. Without Fabrizio in tow, The Red Beetle would truly be at a loss.  He also has the prestige of being the VW Beetle’s official owner, caretaker and designated driver when touring the wilds of Italy. His favourite product is the Il Borgo del Balsamico Limited Edition Satin Condiment and he religiously has a teaspoon every night after dinner!

The rest of the team is made of:

Valentina M., the company’s PR queen.  She takes care of the PR side of the business, even getting us featured in Stylist and the BBC’s Easy Cook. Her favourite product has to be our Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Valeria O. is our most dedicated ambassador and official artichoke taster. We value her opinion and constantly keep her in the loop with the happenings at HQ. 

Stefano M. is our on-call Logistics Manager, advising us on transportation, shipping and customs.  

Kate H. is our Graphic Designer who lives and works in the Big Apple but is always ‘virtually’ available for our many online discussions and work assignments.

So now you know all about us, all that is left to do is sample our amazingly tasty and authentic Italian food.  Browse our products now and let us deliver some delectable treats to your door!