Pistachios from Bronte DOP 200g

Agricola Fernandez

Category: Sicily

Type: Pistachios

Grown in the volcanic soil of Mountain Etna in Sicily, harvested only in odd years, the Pistachios from Bronte are sweet, delicate, aromatic, characterized by an intense bright green colour. Here whole, raw and shelled, to preserve their unique and precious taste. These Pistachios have the DOP denomination, meaning they have a Protected Designation of Origin. 


Thanks to their intense flavour, Pistacchi di Bronte are a heavenly give their best in cakes, gelato, pesto and sauces. 


We went backwards with this ingredient: never considered it too much, until we tried a Pistacchio di Bronte gelato in Milan, and after this, our curiosity couldn't be silenced any longer. We love it with fish recipes, with scallops and tuna really give their best. Also in frangipane tart and well of course, gelato!


100% Raw Whole Shelled Pistachios from Bronte (allergens in bold)


The Red Beetle Team visited Agricola Fernandez in 2017. The land surrounding Mount Etna is breathtaking and the fields were slowly coming back to life getting ready for the harvest. Andrea, the young owner of the company, showed us around and told all there is to know about Pistachios. We couldn't be there during harvest, which is why these products are Silver Beetle Certified™.

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