Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles 170g


Chocolate truffles are a rather new invention: one would wonder how did humans live without it before, but nonetheless, the origin of truffles is to be found somewhere between the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900, depending on the sources.

While the traditional pure-chocolate variant is yummy enough for everyone to turn their heads just by hearing the name, you ought to try these!

The questions we found ourselves asking were along the lines of: are they the best truffles in the world? And how do you decide if they are? The night took a bizarre philosophical turn, so we had to try another one… and of course another one and… well… of course the box finished at one point.

From the top of that experience we noted down how remarkable is the contrasting texture of hazelnuts with the luscious melting chocolate, and how the whole experience is further enriched by the cocoa powder dusted on the surface.

We recommend that you try these after dinner, after a coffee, or with some Rum, if you are into it. We recommend, also, that you store them away from kids… of all age!

Vegetarian & gluten free. Hazelnuts are organic, locally grown in Piedmont, Italy.