Organic Hazelnut Spread 230g


This Organic Hazelnut Spread is definitely not your usual chocolate cream, and for sure it's not Nutella either. We believe it is much, much better, and here is why: 

52% Organic Hazelnuts, no palm oil and no dairy, this little wonder is also gluten free. Once in your mouth you can really feel the hazelnuts, lusciously melting and elevating your soul to the next level of happiness!

We always say, if you have to eat some calories, let them be awesome quality calories! 

Or paraphrasing the famous Italian actor Nino Manfredi, in a vintage advertisement: "Chocolate is a pleasure, if it's not good... what pleasure is it?"

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten and dairy free. Organic, Italian hazelnuts, made in Piedmont, Italy.