Organic Hazelnuts Toasted 170g


"It's just hazelnuts", we hear you thinking.. and yet, you are here reading which means that deep down, you already know what the answer is.

We learned in our job that there's no such a thing as "just" . A long time ago we use to think the same of flour, onions, salt, and sure enough, we were wrong.

Now, these hazelnuts aren't just hazelnuts: they come from a region that is literally world famous for their hazelnuts, want a name? Nutella… you know, nut-ella… that's also made from hazelnuts, and the recipe is from down here, that's right!!

Our producer Altalanga maintains his local plantation still today, they are certified organic and their produces are to die for. Whether you will salt them and have a healthy snack during a movie, or add them to a salad, or go on and make your own spreadable, this will be a success story!

Oh… and we still hear you thinking… yes, you can actually make your own home made nutella-style spreadable, and yes, we will post a recipe soon on our blog. Promise!

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free. Organic, locally grown in Piedmont, Italy.