Cherry Tomatoes in Natural Water 580g

Antica Enotria

There is always a story around our products, why we choose them, the process. These cherry tomatoes were the deal breaker in selecting Antica Enotria for our shop. We had a moment of clarity, a stunned look on our faces, and we remembered... what real tomato tasted like. 

Certified organic since 1993, the owners at the Antica Enotria grow and hand pick the produces in the sunny and fertile Tavoliere delle Puglie. Simple, rustic and genuine are the three pillars of everything they produce, and you too would think "I forgot tomato tasted like this". You won't have to forget again. 

Use them in your salad, on their own, or with cherry mozzarella to entertain your guests. Don't forget a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, better if from the same region. 

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free & dairy free. Certified organic, grown and made in Apulia, Italy.