Durum Wheat Semolina Strozzapreti 500G


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Category: Marche, Short Pasta

Type: Pasta

Strozzapreti are a lesser known pasta format appreciated by real connoisseurs: the unusual shape traps the sauce like no other, while maintaining a ever so slightly uneven texture in every single byte. The result is a dining experience that will keep you entertained to the very last byte! 


Throw the Strozzapreti in a large pot with salted boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes for al dente texture. Drain only after you tasted it, and then throw in a pan together with your sauce of choice, toss at high heat. 
Surprise your guests serving it with tomato sauce, nduja and mascarpone cheese... but make sure you prepare some extra, as they will want more!


We love how these Strozzapreti play with the condiment, hiding it and keeping it warm for longer. Plus, there's nothing quite like the look on the faces of your guests being surprised with something so traditional and yet so unexpected like an exotic regional pasta format.


Durum wheat semolina, water (allergens in bold).


When Pietro and Francesco founded Filotea in 2005, they in mind there was a clear goal to produce one of the finest pasta in the world. After 15 years their small company in the heart of the Marche region is still conducting business with the same passion and love for the Italian traditions.