Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Frantoio Muraglia

On the palate is fruity, delicate and soft, with a hint of smokiness and spices, to then finish on a flowery note. Frantoio Muraglia took thirty-six months to find the perfect balance, to make sure that the essence of the precious peranzana olive wasn't affected by the smoking process. Thirty-six months of patience!  


Cold smoked with natural wood, Fumo (smoked) will become your secret ingredients, your companion in your kitchen adventures. It is perfect for everyday use, but will also add that twist that will make every dish on your table very intriguing.


The idea of smoking olive oil isn't common. We asked why would you do such thing, and alter something as close to perfection as the Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. However, then we tried it... and that smokey flavour does not impose, but completes beautifully the flavour of the oil. We now consider it a must have in any kitchen!


Extra virgin olive oil cold smoked.


Made by a group of "capatosta" (stubborn as a mule) in Apulia, Italy. Having visited their fields, "met" thier trees, and explored their mill, we can guarantee this is a Gold Beetle Certifiedproduct.