Limited Edition Grand Cru Macchia di Rose Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Frantoio Muraglia

Taking its name from the piece of land where the olive groves stand, the Macchia di Rose Grand Cru is a very special addition to the Frantoio Muraglia range. Every bottle is numbered, offering a unique and very special product to enjoy or give to someone you love.


Great everywhere, on bruschetta, to finish hearty soups, roasted vegetables, meat and pizza.


Coratina variety are the perfect expression of the land of Apulia: robust, rustic, spicy with the unique characteristic of having three times the antioxidant polyphenols of any other olive oil. One of a kind.


100% cold pressed Coratina olives.


Affectionately known as capatosta, a nickname that in Italian means stubborn as a mule, the Muraglia family has been looking after the land and its olive trees for over five generations, down to the tiniest detail. We not only visited their land and mill during harvest, but also the nearby workshop where the beautiful ceramic orci (the bottles) are handmade and painted. Everything at Frantoio Muraglia is state of the art, and this is without a doubt a Gold Beetle Certified™ product.