Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Intense) 250ml

Frantoio Muraglia

The beauty of a powerful Extra Virgin Olive Oil like the Intense Fruity from the Frantoio Muraglia is that you don't need complicated recipes, expensive rare ingredients to produce something unforgettably amazing.

Coratina variety are the perfect expression of the land of Apulia: robust, rustic, spicy with the unique characteristic of having three times the antioxidant polyphenols of any other olive oil. One of a kind.

Try bread all'acquasale or use it to finish simple soups. Then come tell us what you think, would you?

This Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% monocultivar coratina olive. Shop it in this colourful tin, or go crazy on our colourful terracotta Orcis. Made by a group of "capatosta" (stubborn as a mule) in Apulia, Italy.