Aulive e Chiappariell Natural Tomato Sauce with Olives from Gaeta & Pantelleria Capers 280g

Italiana Vera

Aulive and Chiapparriell is a typical recipe from Naples, known as Puttanesca, named with its original name: aulive and chiappariell (olives and capers). To the black pearl of Italian olives, Italiana Vera added the salted capers from Pantelleria. Their aromatic flavour, combined with the delicious tomato sauce, elevate this sauce to quickly become your preferred condiment of choice.


Warm up at low to medium heat in a pan and then toss the pasta for a few minutes. Add grated cheese, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. For 3-4 people we recommend the use of the entire jar. 


We love the flavour and quality of the ingredients and the taste they convey to the sauce. It's always fresh and intriguing, and makes a very special dinner every single time. 


Tomatoes 83%, hand pitted black olives from Gaeta 9%, extra virgin olive oil, capers from Pantelleria, fresh garlic, fresh basil, salt (allergens in bold)


Funded by Diana Attinese, Italiana Vera is a company born with the aim to promote simplicity and Italian quality ingredients all over the world. We met with Diana in Florence and fell in love with her vibrant personality, incredible ethos and passion to create a product that first and foremost aim to have the highest standards. We cannot wait to go visit her HQ in San Marzano sul Sarno next year!