Pacchetelle Yellow Tomatoes in Water 1KG

Italiana Vera

Category: Campania, Tomato Sauce

Type: Sauce

*** Product arriving first week of October 2018 ***

"Pacchetelle" is an ancient method used by Vesuvian women to preserve tomatoes harvested in July and August all year around. The yellow tomatoes were dried, then cut in half and pasteurise at bain-marie. Their rich and persistent flavour balance the acidity and sweetness making this tomato the perfect companion for fish recipes, especially with pasta. 


Pour some extra virgin olive oil in a pan, braise some fresh tuna, then throw in the Pacchetelle. Let cook for a few minutes, then toss in the pasta and serve. Otherwise also great on bruschetta and some venture these tomatoes on Pizza!  


Their different taste is something quite intriguing and we love the recipes that we can create with these Pacchetelle. Especially main courses with seafood. 


100% Yellow Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP Tomatoes, water, salt.


Funded by Diana Attinese, Italiana Vera is a company born with the aim to promote simplicity and Italian quality ingredients all over the world. We met with Diana in Florence and fell in love with her vibrant personality, incredible ethos and passion to create a product that first and foremost aim to have the highest standards. We cannot wait to go visit her HQ in San Marzano sul Sarno next year!

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