La Classica Coffee Ground for Espresso 100% Arabica 250G

La Bottega Milanese

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Category: Fair Trade,

Type: Coffee

Roasted in Yorkshire every Tuesday, La Classica has been carefully created to deliver the Northern Italian coffee experience directly in your home. Fair Trade and Forest Alliance certified. Perfect for Espresso! 

100% Arabica, this "miscela" (ground mix) delivers delicious rich tones of milky chocolate & hazelnuts with your first sip, followed by fruity undertones & gentle acidity lingering in your palate a little longer. 

The beans used vary slightly during the year to use the freshest crops, switching process within the same region/farmer, but always maintaining the same profile of coffee delivered to your cup. 


These beans are fully traceable and ethical, Direct Trade, Forest Alliance and Fair trade certified. Also, we love that the beans are roasted in Yorkshire weekly, preserving the freshness of flavours and aromas, plus reducing the carbon footprint of this delicious coffee. Lastly, the owner of La Bottega Milanese is from Milan, like yours truly, Deb. We had to feature their coffee!


Brazil Passeio
Process: Pulped Natural (half of the season) then Passeio Natural (other half of the season)
Process: Washed (but the washing station varies during the year as the roastery seeks the best and freshest example)
Colombia El Jordan
Process: Washed (Shipped every 3 months from origin to keep the green fresh)
India Kalledevarapura
Process: Washed or Honey depending on crop availability.

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michael g.

Makes a nice espresso, but i prefer a slightly strong coffee