Organic Basil Pesto alla Genovese Gluten Free 500g

La Macina Ligure

​"Pesto alla Genovese" is a staple of traditional Italian recipes: it blends basil, evo, and a cornucopia of flavours that needs no introduction anywhere in the world.


Traditionally used to dress pasta, it's fantastic on grilled chicken, seafood, scallops, as dressing for grilled vegetables, and as a little surprise on top of Hummus and other mediterranean sauces. 


This is one of our favourite stories at The Red Beetle!
The short version is that it was the best tasting pesto we sampled ways before we found out it was vegan friendly!

The longer version, is almost as intriguing as this little jar... want to hear it?

Imagine a long table, complete with a traditional Italian red and white runner and just about ten friends.
Those friends were blind tasting many of the products on this website... and this -we'll let you to a little secret- is  how we choose many of our products!

When it was time to vote the best pesto, we got a nearly unanimous response: it was the one with label number 6. 

Seconds later, we found that jar number 6 was in fact this very same one from La Macina Ligure.

Now, imagine our surprise: we perfectly well know the original recipe of Pesto alla Genovese calls for parmesan or pecorino cheese!

Next morning we had to call the producers and get their secret, and here it is. 
First and foremost, the ingredients are not pasteurised, and this allows to retain all the flavours. And then, just as important, cashews are added: they cover for the missing cheese that is normally used with their rich and creamy texture, and the result is incredible!

To this day, every time we open a new jar we are still very impressed. Try it and so will you.


Extra virgin olive oil, cashews, basil, pine nuts, salt (allergens in bold)

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, Gluten and Dairy Free, Organic, grown and made in Liguria, Italy. 


Genuine love and pride for their land and origins are trademarks of La Macina Ligure, starting from the name, to the local recipes they use and hand down through generations, down to the choice of using only locally grown ingredients.

Their mission is to bring a piece of Liguria to your home through the aromas and flavours of their organic products, and we believe they do an amazing job at that.