Cuore Avorio Coffee Blend 90% Arabica 18 Pods

La Tosteria

Category: Pods, Tuscany

Type: Coffee

Sweet, fruity, with intense fragrances and a rich body. Delicate aromas and soft acidity, long-lasting aftertaste of hazelnut and ripe citrus fruits.

Status: 18 Pods (in a box)
90% Arabica
Roast Level: Medium, slow roasted

Grown: Puerto Rico 360° Reserva, Brasil Santos Pico Mirante, Brasil Santos Sul de Minas, Colombia Supremo, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala Atitlan La Providencia, Honduras Marcala Maresol, India Plantation Mysore, Nicaragua San Juan de Rio Coco, Indonesia Java, Nepal Mount Everest
Harvest: According to origins
Altitude: 300-2,000m
Cultivar: Bourbon Caturra, Typica & others 

The special relationship between La Tosteria and coffee started with the Ambuchi family in 1902, in a small town nearby Florence. First, a small shop selling coffee, tea, ingredients from all over the world: then on market days, coffee beans were roasted in the open with a small portable machine, with adults and children hypnotised by the roasting process and inebriated by the smell and aromas filling the square. Today La Tosteria uses modern technologies to achieve the best roasted coffee, but with the same passion the torrefazione had in Tuscany over a century ago. 

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