Single Origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Coffee Beans 250g

La Tosteria

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Intense with hints of bergamot and cedar. Pleasant acidity, long-lasting aftertaste with Jasmin and black tea notes. 

Status: whole beans
100% Arabica
Roast Level: Slow, over a low fire

Grown: Yirgacheffe
Harvest: October-January
Altitude: 1,850-1,950m
Cultivar: 100% Heirloom Ethiopia
Producers: Kochere Whashing Station

The special relationship between La Tosteria and coffee started with the Ambuchi family in 1902, in a small town nearby Florence. First, a small shop selling coffee, tea, ingredients from all over the world: then on market days, coffee beans were roasted in the open with a small portable machine, with adults and children hypnotised by the roasting process and inebriated by the smell and aromas filling the square. Today La Tosteria uses modern technologies to achieve the best roasted coffee, but with the same passion the torrefazione had in Tuscany over a century ago.