Organic Basil Pesto alla Genovese 180g

La Macina Ligure

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​Traditional "Pesto all Genovese" is one of the most popular Italian recipes: its unique blend of basil and mediterranean flavours  needs no introduction.

We were admittedly a bit skeptical in adopting a vegan pesto as our only choice, considering the original recipe calls for parmesan or pecorino cheese. Then we invited friends over. Many of them. A proper Italian long table with red and white runner and ten of us blind tasting all the products on this website (this is how we choose our products, by the way!).

We got a nearly unanimous response that the best pesto on the table, was this very same one from La Macina Ligure.
Their secret is not pasturise the ingredients to retain all their flavours and to add cashews: rich and creamy they will cover up for the missing cheese that is normally used. We were very impressed, try it and so will you.

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Organic, grown and made in Liguria, Italy.