Taggiasca Olives (Pitted) 180g

La Macina Ligure

Category: Liguria, Organic

Type: Olives

*** BEST BEFORE 01/05/2019 ***

The Taggiasca Olive is a truly special one: small, oil rich, delicate, fruity, sweet with a spicy hint of almonds and pine nuts, and a slightly bitter after-taste. You will only find this variety in the north west side of Italy, close to the city of Imperia. The Ligurian climate, water and calcareous soil, are mostly responsible for its uniqueness, that you will appreciate more and more as your palate accustoms to them.

Add the pitted olives to give an edge to your antipasto, or make a quick tomato and chilli sauce for your pasta. And if you are ready to be impressed, take our bread recipe and add these beautiful organic olives to it. You're welcome!

It also happens to be vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Organic, grown and made in Liguria, Italy.

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