Organic Rocket Pesto 180g

La Macina Ligure

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Rocket Pesto is a less famous variation of the "genovese" brother, but still popular nonetheless. Rocket's pungent taste often adds a twist to simple meals, but also works well with complex ones, and as a free bonus, it's often considered an aphrodisiac (we must have grabbed your attention there!).

La Macina Ligure chooses to make this organic pesto without cheese, letting the rocket take the stage. And after trying it, we whole heartedly stand by their decision.

The added organic cashews, as well as the pine nuts turn the pesto into a creamy sauce that will wow your guests on a simple bruschetta, but also to enrich a simple pasta salad or to garnish grilled lamb chops. The options are endless, but we recommend not to heat it: rocket won't enjoy being cooked, and would turn more bitter than you think.

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Organic, grown and made in Liguria, Italy.