Granozero Gluten & Lactose Free Flour for Bread Pizza 1KG

Molino Pasini

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Category: Dairy Free, Flour, Gluten Free, Lombardy,

Type: Flour

If you are you looking for a gluten and lactose-free flour to finally make bread and pizza, then look no further. Our Molino Pasini GRANOZERO is the perfect mix.


This gluten free flour is specifically formulated for obtaining the best results when baking bread or pizza. Our recommendation is to follow the rules with this one, as it can be less forgiving than traditional wheat flour when used for off-label recipes.


It's made in Italy and with all Italian ingredients, we love this as it that can rarely be said of gluten free products. Also, this gluten free flour is mile ahead of many others we tried, and we think it is the closest you can get to traditional wheat flour in therms of flavour and texture.


Corn starch, rice flour, sugar, psyllium, seed powder, thickeners: E 412, E 464. (allergens in bold).


Three generations of knowledge handed down throughout a century: the art of making flour is ingrained in Molino Pasini's DNA. This flour milling company produces some of the best quality flours appreciated by enthusiasts, professionals and food industry producers alike.