Special Soft Flour Ideal for Cakes & Pastries 1KG

Molino Pasini

Category: Flour, Lombardy,

Type: Flour

This flour is especially created by Molino Pasini for homemade cakes and short pastry. The lower gluten content means your dough will have the perfect texture to keep your sweets fluffy and light.
And for the more nerdy bakers out there... we get you: we are the same. So we figured we'd list some of the technical specs that make this flour so special under the "ingredients" section! 


Choose your favourite recipe and follow through, but remember to sift the flour before using it: you wouldn't believe how much difference that makes. Your dough will be perfectly smooth and effortlessly lumps free.


If you follow our blog you probably know how much we love sweets by now, but here is a little secret: baking is such a huge family passion, that it was in fact how we first got into making the food industry our profession.
That is to say: you can trust us on flour, and this one truly makes a difference in your final result! 


Wheat (allergens in bold).

  - Protein 10.5%
  - W 110-120
  - Elasticity P/L 0.38 / 0.42
  - see pictures for more details


Three generations of knowledge handed down throughout a century: the art of making flour is ingrained in Molino Pasini's DNA. This flour milling company produces some of the  best quality soft wheat flours appreciated by enthusiasts, professionals and food industry producers alike.