Semolina Flour 1KG

Molino Caputo

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Obtained from strong wheat, semola is grounded again and again to encourage the formation of fibres in the doughs. With Its amber yellow colour, the balanced grains and the gluten elasticity, make the semola ideal for fresh pasta and cakes.


This flour is perfect for fresh home made semolina pasta. Semolina is more forgiving than other thinner flours, but we still recommend to sift it before using it. You will notice your dough will be perfectly smooth and effortlessly lumps free.


On our blog we have a number of pasta recipes, and while we have some amazing brands on stock, we do also love to make our own fresh pasta. We even have a few short videos of our granny Pina teaching us what is the recipe for perfection!
That is to say: you can trust us on flour, and our Semolina confer a unique texture to your final result! 


Wheat (allergens in bold).

  - Protein 12.5% 
  - W 250min
  - Elasticity P/L 2.30 max
  - see pictures for more details


Caputo is a family-run mill known all over the world. They are particularly famous for producing exclusive wheat blends designed with strenght in mind.


Category: Campania,

Type: Flour