Italian Artisan Pasta Penne 500g

Regina dei Sibillini

Category: Marche, Short Pasta

Type: Pasta

Mountain pasta, as they call it, made with ingredients locally grown in the Sibillini National Park, in the Marche region of Italy. Perfect with a rich and creamy sauce. 


Boil abundant water, add salt, then throw the Penne in and cook for at least 6 minutes (al dente). Try it, and depending on your taste, leave it for a couple of more minutes if you like it slightly softer on the inside. Drain, throw in the pan with the sauce, toss at high heat. Add a good amount of quality cheese, serve. Instagram, if those around you haven't attacked your plate yet. 


Penne are an Italian favourite, or at least they are for us. It brings back memories of us as kids, our face covered in sauce. Add that this pasta is phenomenally good, and there you have it: incredible memories for the years to come.


Durum wheat semolina, water (allergens in bold).

Lunghezza : 40 mm
Diametro: 10,2 mm
tempo di cottura: 6-8 min


We visited the beautiful Sibillini National Park in June 2017, spent two days with Alice & Moreno, learning everything there is to know around growing wheat and making quality Italian pasta. We are ecstatic to consider this a Gold Beetle Certified™ product.

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