Italian Artisan Pasta Senatore Cappelli Spaghetti 500g

Regina dei Sibillini

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Category: Long Pasta, Marche,

Type: Pasta

In Italy a large majority of children had a photo taken at some point with the face completely covered in tomato sauce, and some spaghetti falling off the wall. We never understood why they gave us the most complicated pasta to eat in such early days. 

Jokes aside, spaghetti are the most popular Italian pasta there is. This one by Regina dei Sibillini is in a category on its own. Made with a very rare and ancient wheat, the Senatore Cappelli, this pasta will absorb the sauce in such way that you will not be satisfied by a one time only experience.   

Section: rounded
Length: 260mm
Diameter: 2,2mm
Cooking time: 8-10 min.

Made with love and ingredients locally grown in the Sibillini National Park, Italy.