Organic Apricot Jam with Stevia 400g


At Sant'Egle, the quality of the ingredients and the respect for the land are of the utmost importance. This family business has a deep knowledge on their soil, the growth cycle, the heat of sunshine, and this wealth of information allows them to create some amazingly flavour packed products. Their apricot jam with stevia is surely one of them.

The apricots, like everything else at Sant'Egle, are organically and byodinamically grown, and harvested just at the peak day of their cycle, when they are the sweetest. This way less sugar is required, leaving room in the jar for one of the highest percentages of fruit you will ever find:

    70% Apricots (depending on the harvest, it can get up to 80%)
    20% Stevia RebA
    10% Organic & Fairtrade Raw Sugar

Going quickly into the nuts and bolts of conserve/jam preparation, you should know that sugar is a necessary ingredient for making conserves, because not only contributes to the right texture, but it also preserves the fruit.
We know you may have seen a few "no sugar added" alternatives, but you may find that sugar is often replaced with "concentrated grape juice", which is normally very, very... very high in sugar. Very.

Sant'Egle uses what we believe to be a more valuable approach for those of you who are sugar conscious or on a low sugar diet: first, they keep it to a super-low 10% to preserve while maintaining a nice, slightly runny texture, and second, they add stevia, a powerful, natural, healthy and zero-calory sweetener with a unique taste.

One teaspoon of this organic conserve will lift your spirit and remove the guilt. And that's a promise!

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Guilt free. Organic, grown and made in Italy with ingredients from the Tuscany Maremma.