The road less travelled. A day in Sorano.

June 22, 2015

 Sorano the Road less travelled Tuscany - the Red Beetle

Sorano is not a place you can accidentally find. We got lost a few times on the way there, and few times on the way back. When you see it, when you get to this beautiful little town perched on a hill in the midst of the Tuscany Maremma, you will understand.

We arrived from the eastern road and had the sunset right in front of us. It was like someone painted the whole place, right there.
Tuscany is a marvellous region, you will find yourself risking your life at every corner just to take the perfect picture. That's why we highly rrecommend low season: less chances to get sweared at by an angry Italian overtaking you and making you lose a decade every time (mind you, it happened nonetheless).

Here are few reasons to not miss Sorano.

First mentions of Sorano are from the III century BC, neighboor to the most florent and popular Sovana. The town has been around for over 2 thousand years, part of the history books from the year 862. It has been the centre of nobil Italian families, abandoned in the last century, then renovated and repopulated again. When you travel, do you ever stop and wonder "how's this been here for so long?". We do, all the time. We hug monuments as well. Weird, but hey... no judgement please.

There is no traffic, only people wandering around. You can stop pretty much anyone and start chatting. Ask anything you feel like. Low season, time to mingle. We found everyone to be incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.

Together with Pitigliano and Castel d'Azzara, Sorano is part of the "Città del Tufo", cities built on vulcanic tuff. Being a soft rock, tuff has been used since ancient times in constructions. Soft but resistant. Some of the houses are one piece with the rock beneath them, but don't be fooled: it's Italy we are talking about, everything can be beautiful no matter the where is from or how is made.

We then visited the citadelle on a cold, rainy day and we were in love nonetheless. Walking the narrow streets, buying the local wood chopping boards and spoons (they are the ones you see in our photos, ed), well it seemed we were in a different time.

And when we were done with the walking, the getting soaked, the kitcheware shopping, what next? Next was Sant'Egle. Hail, rain or shine, you must go to Sant'Egle. Chances are, you won't leave.