Cerretto Langhe. Sleep. Eat. Relax. What else?

September 08, 2015

In Cerretto Langhe we had the absolute pleasure to experience some pretty good stuff. It would be very unfair to keep it just to ourselves.

Sleep: Il Sole e La Luna (The Sun & The Moon), right in the center of Cerretto. A refurbished Franciscan monastery from the 17th century, the cobblestone house now offers beautiful rooms where you can sleep in the most surreal silence and taste the local specialties for breakfast. In summer, the terrace offers a view like no others, and the heated pool will definitely take your R&R to the next level. We highly recommend it!

Il Sole & La Luna - Cerretto Langhe

Zeus Room - Il Sole & La Luna - Cerretto Langhe

Pool - Il Sole & La Luna - Cerretto Langhe 

Eat: Trattoria del Bivio, 10 minutes drive from Cerretto. We had a spectacular dinner, the service is impeccable, the food delicious, the environment relaxed and kind of romantic. They have a menu that will take you right in the traditional food of the surroundings, make sure you try the fresh homemade pasta, Tajarin with local sausage (from Bra) and the Battuta di Fassona, the local beef served raw. Of course, any dessert featuring hazelnuts.

Trattoria del Bivio - Langhe

We haven't tried this other particular restaurant because it is usually fully booked months in advance. However, if you get the chance, book a table at Osteria da Gemma and let us know your thoughts. Locals described it as a simple place, where everything is relaxed and genuine and where food takes back the stage. We are curious now, curious indeed.

Do: Hiking: plenty of beautiful hills and forests to get your legs and feet tired. In October, truffle hunting and grape harvest. Horse riding. Wine tasting. Cycling. Not necessarily in this order.

PS. We are not affiliated with any of the above. We have been there, liked them, and are now recommending them to you. Hope you get the chance to experience them too!