Farewell to Summer. Vanilla Ice Cream with Satin Balsamic Condiment.

September 21, 2016

Farewell to Summer. Vanilla Ice Cream with Satin Balsamic Condiment.

Vanilla ice cream Recipe - Vanilla Gelato Recipe - Ricetta Gelato Vanigia

In our Farewell to Summer series, we decided to make three different ice creams, using some of the best ingredients in our shop. 

For our last episode, we have a classic: Vanilla ice-cream with a splash of the always delicious Il Borgo del Balsamico Limited Edition Satin Condiment.  

Ingredients for a big batch (we made it once, then divided in three parts and added the extra ingredients).

1L Milk 
500ml Double Cream 
8 Yolks 
200g Sugar

Episode 3: Vanilla
2 Vanilla Pods
500ml of the above creamy mix
(increase the Vanilla, based on the amount of mix you are using)


Heat up the double cream, milk and vanilla, until it starts to boil on the edges. Use medium heat, stir occasionally. 
Meanwhile, whisk sugar and egg yolks till light and fluffy. Remove the pot from the heat. 
Gently and slowly add the milk-cream mixture to the egg, being careful to whisk constantly to avoid scrambling the eggs. This is the trickiest part as it is important not to overheat the eggs.
Put back on the stove, stir occasionally, then leave on the heat for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to heat the mix too much otherwise the eggs will scramble. Remove and let cool down for a couple of hours. 
Strain the mix to make the ice cream nice and smooth.
Refrigerate ideally overnight, if not at least 4 hours, then in the ice cream machine for about 25 minutes. 
Serve with a splash of Limited Edition Satin Condiment

Vanilla ice cream recipe with Balsamic Vinegar - Vanilla gelato recipe